March 28-30, 2017
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Sunset Presbyterian Church

Practical Tips for Tournament Players

Have you ever wondered why top players win game after game, sometimes with what seems like effortless ease?  Is it simply that they are more talented than other players, or have studies longer and harder?  There's no question that those factors have some impact, but they are not generally the key difference. The key difference is that strong, successful players are skilled in the process of winning practical game in actual tournaments.  How far do you need to see ahead? (Probably not as far as you think...) How do you make a plan that actually works in a real, live game?  What do you do when you're behind in material?  (If you think the answer is to "attack like crazy", you really need to come to Spring Camp!)


Spring Camp pulls back the curtain and goes "behind the scenes" to see how strong players actually win games. We'll explore the techniques, shortcuts, and methods they use to win game after game in practical play. These same techniques can win games for you, too!

Spring Camp is a workshop for improving your practical results through extensive "hands-on" training with puzzles, exercise positions to play out, and formal competition. The program is specifically designed to help kids prepare for the OSCF Championships in Seaside.

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