Friday Night Quads

Chess Odyssey's Friday Night Quads have become a major element of the competitive chess landscape in metropolitan Portland. While most of the players are kids, adults are welcome and some do play. Players are ranked by their OSCF rating and grouped into four player sections. (If a player does not have an OSCF rating, their first quad will generate one for them.) We have a trophy for first place and a medal for second player in each quad. The entry fee is $20. The quads are qualifiers for the 2016 OSCF Championships in Seaside.

Location: Sunset Presbyterian Church 14986 NW Cornell Road, Portland, OR 97229.  Sunset is just east of the Cornell Road/Bethany Blvd. exit off the Sunset Highway (Hwy 26).

Schedule: Due to building hours, all Quads have to be finished by 9:30 or shortly thereafter.  As a result, we will be starting at 6:30.  Please arrive by 6:15 so that we can start on time. Most quads are finished in about 90 minutes; more novice quads generally finish sooner than that, while more advanced quads often run longer. Awards for each section will be made as soon as that section is completed.

Format: Players are divided in 4 player sections (quads) by NWSRS rating; the last section or two may be slightly larger if the total number of players registered does not break evenly into quartets. Each player will play one game against each other player in his section.

Time Control: G25/5 for time delay clocks; G/30 for analog and non-delay digital clocks. We will shorten time controls for the last round if necessary to finish a Quad before the building closes.  Please bring your clock, if you have one.

First place trophy, second place medal in each section.

Entry Fee: $20.00

You can register here.